The Convention Of States, Explained

Written By Yuge Politics - June 18th, 2017

The convention of states was put into the constitution to prevent the government from becoming too centralized and corrupt, and at this time in history a new grassroots movement has called on the states to activate that such convention. This guide was created to inform you on what exactly the convention of states is and why its being debated today.

What Exactly Is The Convention Of States?

The convention of states is an alternative way to propose amendments to the constitution, with the more traditional way being that the national congress proposes amendments. The states can only propose amendments if 2/3 of the states (34) submit applications for a convention of states, where the proposed amendments would be negotiated. All of the submitted applications, which are submitted by successfully being passed by each state chamber, must deal with the same general issue.

Once 2/3s of the states submit applications the states will then propose, debate, and then vote upon the proposed amendments. After that the proposed amendments will be sent to the 50 states for ratification. Furthermore three-quarters of the states (38) must agree for any proposed amendments to be ratified (1).

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